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Climbing walls Boulder climbing Wall

Boulder climbing Wall

If you focus strongly on movement, motor skills and climbing technique but have no need to address rope climbing techniques, a boulder wall is an excellent choice. This type of climbing is called bouldering. The climber is not dependent on a rope, strap or fall-protection gear. With no previous experience, the climber can begin exploring the art of climbing. Apart from shoes and a bag of chalk, the only type of equipment needed is a fall-cushioning surface.

Boulder walls are usually 3 - 4.5 metres high. The climbing can be challenging. To maximise safety, we recommend an approved fall-cushioning surface to get you off to a flying start with climbing! The challenge inherent in this type of climbing is that the climber is forced to think three-dimensionally and out-of-the-box. Bouldering stimulates creativity and enhances the climber's problem-solving skills. A boulder wall is also a great boost to all types of team-building exercises.

Our boulder walls can be specially designed to give everyone – regardless of age and agility – exciting and varied climbing challenges. Boulder walls can be built either indoors or outdoors. They can be produced with any type of climbing surface or a combination of several different surfaces.

Boulder walls meets the Danish and European artificial climbing structure standard, DS/EN 12572, Part 2.


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