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Climbing walls Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

As an activity, climbing has changed a great deal since the beginning. Born on distant mountains, climbing has now shifted into the urban context – and into climbing centres and sports halls. As a sport, climbing is free and flexible. Everyone can join in – regardless of gender, age, physical shape and level of fitness. Climbing offers not only benefits related to exercise and health, but also physical and mental challenges.

If you are looking for a climbing wall which will give your climbers an adrenalin rush, and climbing that is both fun and exciting, you should opt for a high wall. A high wall is also suitable for training purposes.

A high climbing wall can be fitted to an existing wall or built as a self-supported construction (with a foundation, if required). A wall of this type can be set up outdoors or in. All our high walls are customised to meet future users' needs and blend in with the surrounding environment/architecture. The climbing wall can be built with climbing holds on all surfaces or only on some.

High climbing walls meets the Danish and European artificial climbing structures standard,  DS/EN 12572, Part 1.



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