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The vast majority of our climbing walls and facilities are produced in wood veneer. Our wooden veneer products are available with a choice of three finishes. Read on to see which finish best suits your purposes.

Climbing finish

Climbing finish is our standard product. All board edges are rounded to create a functional and efficient basis on which to finish the walls. 

We believe it is important that we deliver first-class quality products. This means, for example, that there is a maximum tolerance of 3 mm in flat joints.

Furniture finish

Furniture finish is our special finish. We use it on products which require a first-class design expression. We use furniture finish e.g. on a boulder wall to eliminate the risk that a climber can rest on a join. Furniture finish is also applied to a variety of furniture-like installations and in interior décor.

The maximum tolerance is only 1.5 mm in flat joints. Furniture finish also features a bevelled edge for an exclusive look.

Screwless joints

Where furniture and interior installations are concerned, we can also produce screwless joints. These joints are not strong but very attractive when used, e.g. on a reception desk.

See examples of all our designs here



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