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Climbing walls Swimming Pool Climbing Wall

Swimming Pool Climbing Wall

If you have an indoor or open-air swimming pool, where you would ideally like to offer an alternative activity to coax children and young people into the water, a swimming pool wall is the perfect solution. In the past 15 years, it has become popular among climbers to locate overhanging coastal cliffs at heights of up to 30-35 metres. They climb these without ropes and use the water to cushion their fall. This is called Deep Water Climbing.

Our swimming pool walls do not not quite go to this extreme! Our Deep Water swimming pool walls are up to 6 metres high and are fitted to the edge of the pool. Swimmers can climb up and jump from the wall into the water.

The swimming pool climbing wall is an exciting activity. Most people find the combination of height and water irresistible. The wall inspires many new types of play and competition for people looking for a challenge during their trip to the swimming pool. Deep Water climbing walls are available in three variants: stationary, tilting and height-adjustable. The walls are made in materials which can withstand a swimming pool environment and according to DS/EN 12572-1.

The walls are designed to give people of all ages varied and appropriate challenges.

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