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If you are in the market for a climbing wall but do not have an existing wall to build it onto, a climbing tower may be the ideal solution for you. Abekatten has supplied climbing towers to the Danish outdoor pursuits sector for 15 years. We have supplied towers to schools, youth clubs, after-school centres, scouts groups, climbing clubs, team building centres and even for military purposes.

A climbing tower offers a wide range of uses and common to all of these is the social aspect. A climbing tower is a great spot, at which to tie social bonds between individuals, regardless of the context: family, school or workplace.

All our climbing towers meet the Danish and European ACSs (artificial climbing structures) standard DS/EN 12572-1. All the materials used are carefully selected to withstand the vagaries of the Nordic climate. You can rest assured that your product is high-quality and that it will have a long service life. Our climbing towers are essentially triangular. The sides can be designed to meet customer-specific wishes and requirements.

Our designers are pleased to help you design your climbing tower to blend in with its surroundings. They can also help you to achieve optimal climbing conditions for your specific group of climbers.


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