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For more than 20 years, Abekatten A/S has created and established climbing installation projects of all shapes and sizes.

Find help and inspiration to realise your own project here.

From concept to reality

Your ideas may be hampered by financial restraints. You may have a dream or you may have research that indicates a specific need. In every case, it is important that you define from the very start the conditions under which your climbing installation will function.

You should ask yourself many questions, including:

- How will the installation be used (activities and target groups)?
- Which options are available, given the physical environment?
- How much can we afford to spend on the project?

1 Initial conversation

A project usually starts with a conversation. We learn about your ideas and requirements. This conversation usually takes place over the phone.

2 Preparing an offer   

During the initial conversation, we will often ask the client to send us some pictures of the area, in which the climbing installation will be fitted – and some approximate dimensions. We can then prepare our first offer, which gives a good impression of the cost of the installation and explains some issues, of which you should be aware. Sometimes it is a good idea for both parties to meet on site. If we do meet on site, we will measure the area, on which the installation is intended to be built. Our offer will usually include a climbing wall specification and 1-3 references to existing installations, which could meet the client's needs.

3 Preparing the design

When you have decided to continue, it is time to prepare a realistic design. We need to have a detailed conversation to learn about your requirements and we need to take accurate site measurements. We design a 3D model of the installation, which makes it easier for you to visualise the wall. We will also propose colour and material choices. There are usually 2-3 rounds of talks before the client is satisfied with the design and can approve the climbing wall. Large projects require several more meetings. For other projects, if necessary, the design can be adapted by email and via telephone calls.

4 Producing the climbing installation

Once the design is approved, we plan and then produce the installation. Production processes are partly digitalised and automated to achieve high-quality uniform results. Depending on the size of the wall, it usually takes 4-5 weeks from the order until the wall is ready for fitting.

5 Fitting and hand-over

On the agreed fitting date, we send technicians, lifting gear and lots of different tools. A boulder wall covering 50 m2 usually takes 2-3 days to install whereas a high climbing wall covering 100 m2 takes 3-4 days. When fitting is complete, we hand the wall over to the client with a service folder containing all the instructions required in accordance with Danish Standards. We do everything in our power to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We believe the best way to achieve this is to maintain a close dialogue between us.


If the project is a DIY solution, you will be notified when the materials are ready for collection. We will of course supply drawings. If you wish, we can draw up a security agreement. 

If you need our expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

contact Details

Tender material

We are often contacted by architects and developers who have decided to fit a climbing installation but who are not sure how precisely to design one and need to know more about the regulations and standards that apply to this area – including Danish standards for ACSs (artificial climbing structures) and playground equipment, respectively. In such cases, we are willing to advise and can help the client to realise ideas, calculate price estimates and, where relevant, also prepare tender material.

We have a tender material template, which helps the client to identify the most important factors and avoid omitting essential information in connection with a tender.

We are also on hand to help you if you need to prepare specific designs and/or create construction drawings.

Customer visits 

If you are in the process of building a climbing installation and have reached the stage at which the site is determined and you have a reasonable idea of the size of the wall you want, we are very willing to visit you for a chat about the options open to you. The objective of a customer visit of this kind is to clarify any specific requirements you may have and assess which type of climbing installation best meets your needs. Working closely with you, we determine how your facility can be best exploited and roughly how the climbing wall will look. It will often be interesting to discuss all the activities your new climbing facility may bring with it and how you can prepare to meet contingencies.

Fire safety classification

Whether your climbing wall or other type of climbing installation is to be built inside or out, in some cases, the installation has to be fire safety classified, i.e. both the climbing installation itself and the fall-cushioning surface. We have many years of experience of getting climbing installations approved by the fire safety authorities. We are fully qualified to help document our materials and provide expert guidance.

Applying for funding

Before you can realise a new climbing facility, the funding has to be in place. If you have reached the stage, at which you need to prepare material in support of your application for funding, we can help you. We can prepare all kinds of materials, including brochures and design drawings. We also have a wealth of experience in creating graphic 3D models and renderings. No matter what you can come up with to advance your application, we can help you create it. If you would like to receive specific suggestions for potential foundations to apply to, Abekatten is a good place to ask!

Fall-cushioning surfaces

When building a climbing installation, the quality of the fall-cushioning surface is often an issue. Fall-cushioning requirements differ depending on the design, height and purpose of the wall. No matter what type of climbing installation you have, we can help you to select the best possible fall-cushioning surface. 

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